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Default it only gets worst? how can that be It's not fair!

Originally Posted by atreides View Post
because my wife insisted on running a ceiling fan even in the dead of winter. Invariably I would get a cold.
she put a humidifier on my side of the bed and voile' no colds.
My theory is that the fan was drying out my sinuses and setting me up for a cold and the humidifier keeps this fri om happening.
So maybe swimming is doing much the same thing.
Men- o-pause!

Their is a difference between us!
but still the same I like it when you guys
talk to me about swimming!

if we talk about Menopause....what can you guys talk about?anything?
the testosterone level or the progesterone level get to Ya's? i hope not!
i rather you guys keep the whiskers!

I usually get a cold when i get cold but nobody believes in that one!
I heard estrogen makes one smarter!
Have you guys heard that one?

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