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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
I dont know if this has been mentioned in this thread so here goes.
The trick wheather you use a nose clip or not is to breath out while your face is in the water and so all you have to do when the nose/mouth is above water is inhale. Using this method there is lots of time to inhale. Success is just around the corner.
What do you mean? If I try to keep my speed up, then I have to breathe with the time of my speed; this means my head rolls up for less time. If I slow my speed, then I can get more air time but everything else goes out of whack. If I take into account Westy's suggestions then speed is key, but if I slow my tempo down a bit, I'm wondering if I should play with loosening the noseclip a little to allow me to exhale instead of popping my ears by the air going out the Eustachian tubes; but still prevent water going up my nose. Can you expound on your thoughts, please?
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