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Default strong kick for backstroke

Originally Posted by Rhoda View Post
Kicking in back stroke seems to use the hamstrings more, I've noticed. I got a bad case of tendonitis behind my knee last summer from going into backstroke from not enough warmup.
Kick like Terry does in Backstroke for Every Body--down kicking leg is virtually straight, relaxed and powering from the hip, while the up kick bends slightly then flicks straight in the knee and ankle at the top, toes pointed and turned slightly in. Get a tempo going and you'll feel like you are running on the water.

Bending the knee on the down kick and pulling adds nothing in the way of power or propulsion, in fact adds drag, and puts undue stress on the calves and back of knee.

I've found info in this thread very helpful. Fine points like slight inversion of toes, easily missed; glad to know difference in application between BK and FR.

Can't wait to get back in the water next week.

Thanks all.
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