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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post

thanks for checking in. How are things going for you?
Hi Tom, I'm currently swimming 3-4 times a week, doing mostly sets of 100's, 50's and 25's (not pure USRPT however, in general I keep the rests shorter than the standard 20s).

One thing I'm trying to fix is my addiction to Tempo Trainer. After years of intense and creative use of the tool, the result is that when I swim without it I'm just slower and I can't figure out why! Maybe I slack a bit into and out of the walls, don't know (with TT I always count the beeps also during the turns, no way to slack). Or maybe I just unintentionally slow down the cadence during the swim. This would be another proof that neural training matters and that's fine. However I don't like to know that my best performance depends on an external tool (perhaps chasing a faster swimmer would produce the same outcome in a more natural way).

Curious to know if others have ever dealt with similar side effects after swimming a lot with Tempo Trainer.

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