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I've been swimming again after about 5 months without pool access. After about two weeks now, I'm starting to feel like my technique is starting to come back. Today I did my second USRPT session: 30 x 50m at faster than :45 on a 1:05 interval. My first session I did 4 repeats total!

Today, 9 repeats total before failing out of the set. Based on my experiences with USRPT in May, I expect to be hitting near 20 repeats next week--gains come very quickly.

The nice part of such a long break from swimming is that my stroke feels new. Right now I'm discovering an awareness of my kick and its relation to hip rotation. Seems like kicking slightly later--after my spearing hand enters--facilitates an increased hip rotation that I haven't felt before. It seems to offer more speed/power without any extra load on arms--e.g. for my first USRPT repeat today, I set out too fast (typical for me) and came in just under :40, which is pretty fast for me. Really fast for me right now.

But the real fun, of course, is the continuing progression. I'm still thinking I'll prioritize USRPT sets of 50m and 75m repeats, holding SPL at 16 or under, and see if I can swim a 7:30 500m. Last spring I hit a 7:45 in my second attempt, so I think it's realistic.

All right, good to be back. Cheers!
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