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Default Falling back to old habits

Lennart, I just had to try something similar yesterday. However, due to lack of time I couldn't follow your steps. I couldn't even follow it through with the same steps I started with, since there was a school class that occupied the pool.

1.00 14, 14
0.95 15, 15
0.90 15, 15
0.85 16, 16
0.80 16, 16
0.76 17, 17
0.74 18, 18
0.72 18, 18
0.80 16, 16
0.90 15, 15

I have tested 0.8 once or twice earlier and this was the first time I went under that. I felt as if I got back to my earlier swim technique when the tempo got higher. I noticed that I even lost the 2-beat kick at some occasions and started to kick as before TI. Next time I will do as you did and do the counting on the kick. I think that will prevent me from fall back in my old habit.

My earlier swim style was rather flat and I now noticed that there wasn't much time for rotation. So I really look forward to do this again when I have more time and can take shorter steps and be more focused.

I will also arrange for filming to see how much TI technique there is left when doing this.

-- Johnny
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