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Default Kicking and sprinting

Like many less good swimmers, I tend to over kick when I want to swim fast. When I build up the adrenaline before staring a 50 meter free, I automatically tell my body to kick hysterically. I have no problems swimming smoothly with a 2-beat kick when I am racing in OW, but it seems like my brain thinks that speed is in the legs. So I kick hysterically and die very soon after that. And I create a lot of turbulence, which makes it go slower in the end. So I had a word with Terry, and on his advice, I did the following session today:

2x25 meter with Tempo Trainer on 1.00, 2-beat kick and letting the legs initiate the stroke on the beep. The I made 2x25 going down 0.01 sec per round until I was down at 0.71, which made me having done 60x25, i.e. 1500 meters. At 0.76-0.75 I could not manage any longer, at least not for the whole 25 meters. The beeps came to fast. But I did the best I could down to 0.71. After that I went up with 0.03 sec per round. Already at 0.74 I managed to go the whole way, one kick per beep. When I came up to 1.01 I had made another 20x25 and it was a piece of cake to swim the last two at that frequency. My SPL was on 16 from the start, when up to 21@0.71 and back at 16@1.01.

My feeling tells me that, if do this set another 5-6 times, i will successfully manage the whole set and my kick will feel of less importance when sprinting. The speed should be caused by body rotation and efficient arm swing and not by kicking. Hope that this could inspire some of you reading this report!

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