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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post

Playing with alternate patterns of breathing like you describe is something I've never tried. Your "broken" patterns sound really interesting, but I'm struggling to understand your #3 pattern. Would you explain again?
Sure--this is still my favorite pattern now, nice faster tempo but enough air for my pace. (Hard to describe in words--so simple to do!)

I start from a streamline push, and pull first with my left arm without breathing. On my next stroke (right arm pull), I'll take my first breath (right side). Then I'll take 3 strokes (left, right, left) and breathe to the left on that third stroke. Then I'll take two more strokes (right, left) and breathe to the left on that second stroke. Then three more strokes (right, left, right) and breathe to the right on that third stroke.

In short, I do one stroke cycle of breathing every two strokes, and then one stroke cycle of breathing every three strokes--which automatically changes my breathing side. It works out to five strokes for every two breaths (those breaths are on the same side), then five strokes for the next two breaths (breathing to the opposite side).

I find sticking to this breathing pattern, I can get a pretty good estimate of my open water pace during pool sessions. It works out to about 16 SPL, and a 7:58 for 500m at race pace right now (maybe 27-28 minutes per mile in open water, I'm guessing. I think I may be able to sustain that for my 10 miler--we'll see in a couple of weeks!)

Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
Dumb question but was there any wind the day of your swim?
Not that day--early morning, flat water.
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