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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post

Today I did about 2.5 miles--the second half I did much more of pattern #3, and got a negative split by over two minutes. So it seems like pattern #3 is faster for me. I'll probably alternate the two on race day, with a "race" pattern followed by periods of a "rest" pattern.

Anyone here done similar experiments with open water breathing patterns? Any ideas for me to try out?

Hi Tom! Those 2.5 miles were in open water? Are you sure that the negative split was a matter of breathing and not better navigation/trajectory? If so, that's great! #3 seems a good compromise between symmetry and getting enough air. However, personally I'm not very comfortable with this pattern because the breathing rhythm changes too often for me.
Recently in the pool I'm doing fine with breathing every 2 strokes (switching side every 25m) except right after the pushoff, where I breathe every 4 to imprint good rhythm and form for the rest of the length. In open water this pattern could be translated into breathing every 2 strokes for a while (say 10 strokes) then doing 4 or 5 strokes to maintain good rhythm and form and again breathe every 2 for other 10 strokes. Does it make sense?

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