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Originally Posted by CoachDave View Post
I do think that he'll be swimming in 5-10 years because of this approach. It's the 6-15,000 per day that many other elites at this age do that burn them out.

My point isn't that TI is for this kid, my point is that he is training under the principles that make Ti different. He is not doing any pointless yards. There is a focus and a plan to every yard, and his coaches constantly point out that they are trying to train his brain more than his body. I think there is incredible potential for this kid because he has exceptional natural predisposition for being a good swimmer, and his coaches are taking a unique apporach that will keep him positive and constantly improving his skills. They stand firm on the idea that a tired swimmer is a sloppy swimmer, so doing mass volume has a negative impact on form.
I love seeing that someone is trying this even at the elite level.

When I started TI back in 2009, I changed up my training to only do 800-1200y three times a week, focusing solely on technique. When it came to build for a race, I would then replace one of my 800-1200y sessions with a 3000-4000m session with Masters, but modified for TI (I don't follow their interval rest times, I use focal points on each interval, and I use the TT the whole workout).

Using this method, I was able to drop my Alcatraz crossing time from 42-44 min down to 34 min. but yet not feel winded or excessively tired from the race.

I may alter this to increase my other 2x technique only swims to something closer to 1500-2000y at some point, but not until I am sure that my pure technique work can "survive" that distance, meaning that it doesn't break down due to some element like fatigue either mental or physical. And certainly my busy schedule limits workouts in general, so sometimes I only have time for 30 minutes which equates to about 1200y max.

But trying this style of training for swimming does work well for me!
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