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Originally Posted by terry View Post
I'd like to add that while David's post gives what may be the best guide available anywhere on the use of technology to improve the quality of your swimming, your practice and your ability to analyze objectively, we have also corresponded on the degree to which we both value using simple human memory to track nearly every key detail from my practice.

Virtually all the practices I've logged -- mostly on the Favorite Sets and Practices conference -- have been done without a data-tracking device like SwimSense. Through years of practice I've developed the ability to recall nearly every repeat - distance, time, stroke count, and tempo -- during an hour of practice, to be logged later after I get home. I'm confident this adds to the brain optimization created by mindful practice in the pool.

Still, I've got a new SwimSense and am looking forward to using it because the Finis web site has some cool graphing and data analysis capabilities.
terry is definitely correct. while i use the technology to help give deeper analytics and logging of what i do, i most often find that i am just keeping in memory the finer points of what i did.

as terry mentions, i believe the highest level of discipline is to train yourself to keep it all in your head: recalling the last workout, deriving key focal points, building the next workout, executing the next workout, changing the workout on the fly based on differences from what you had planned, remembering all the results, and then keeping it all in memory for the next workout and/or for your log.

i am definitely not up to the point of keeping every bit of data in my head yet, but it is something i am keeping in mind as one of those things i am trying to master in TI....
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