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Default Last Pace-Honing before Zone Championships

Tomorrow I'll swim the first of two meets at which I hope to do some damage to Adirondack Masters 60-64 records. Today I wanted to do a practice that put a bit more of a sharp edge on my pacing sense in all strokes . . . and consequently the Individual Medley (IM). At the same time I wanted to keep my effort moderate so I feel fresh for the 1000-yard free tomorrow - one of the events I'm aiming to break a record in.

Set #1
2 round of 50+100+150+200 BK/FR
On the 1st round I alternated 25BK/25FR the whole way. On the 2nd round I swam the first half of each swim BK and 2nd half FR (i.e. 75BK75FR for 150)
My first goal was to at least hold, and possibly improve, the 50 pace as I continued to 200 in each set. I was a bit erratic there.
My second goal was to swim faster paces on the 2nd round. I did that quiet easily.

Set #2
Swim 14 x 50, doing 2x50 in each of the following:

This set includes every iteration of consecutive lengths found in both the 200 and 400 IM. My goal was to maintain the same stroke count in both 50s in each pair (a lower count than I'll use in the races) but swim the 2nd 50 in each pair at least 1 second faster than the first. Since my 400 IM strategy is to negative split the BK, BR and FR 100s, this is good pacing practice.
I hit both of my goals in this set and was pleased with the paces I swam in anything with BR or FR in it.
I'll post an ongoing report from the meet.
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