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We had a workshop at Greenwich Y today. During the lunch break I had my Best Ever Pace-Honing Medley practice - and one of my best practices of any kind ever. I was especially excited at some insights gained, which I'll share later. Right now I'll just report the sets I did.

Set #1 3 rounds of 3 x 50 BK Descend each round.
Round 1: 30 Strokes Descend to :48
Round 2: 29 Strokes Descend to :47
Round 3 28 Strokes Descend to :46

Set $2 Swim 2 x 200 IM
#1 2x100IM Continuous 3:20
#2 200 IM 3:14

Set #3 3 rounds of 3 x 50 (25BK+25BR) Descend each round
Round 1: 22 Strokes Descend to :48
Round 2: 21 Strokes Descend to :47
Round 3: 20 Strokes Descend to :46

Set #4 Swim 2 x 200 IM
#1 2x100IM Continuous 3:14
#2 200 IM 3:07

Set #5 3 rounds of 3 x 50 BR Descend each round
Round 1: 15 Strokes. Descend to :47
Round 2: 14 Strokes. Descend to :46
Round 3: 13 Strokes Descend to :45

Set #6 3 rounds of 3 x 50 FR. Descend each round. Improve average pace in 2nd and 3rd round. In each round:
#1 27 strokes
#2 26 strokes
#3 25 strokes
Descend round 1 to :38
Descend round 2 to :37
Descend round 3 to :36

What was Better than Ever in this practice?
In sets !, 3 and 5, I challenged myself to reduce stroke count yet swim faster in later rounds. I mastered that skill in Freestyle almost 10 years ago, but had never really tested myself that way in other strokes. Several weeks ago I tried it for the first time in a Backstroke set and couldn't do it.
Today I succeeded in a Backstroke set, a set of Back-Breast repeats and a Breaststroke set. I'd never done that before.

I've always been more successful in distance free than in the other strokes. I always thought that was because I had more innate ability for freestyle. But the recent reading I've done on the OK Plateau and Excellence, I'm not so sure any longer. Now I think my greater success in freestyle is that I give myself more exacting and rigorous practice tasks. I set the bar far higher on execution and precision in SPL mastery and pace mastery. Over the next couple of years I will put that thesis to the test by replicating the challenging sets I've done in freestyle in the other strokes. As always my test will be done in plain sight, so you'll all know the outcome.

In the 2 sets of 2 x 200 IM, I swam faster on the 2nd repeat of each, despite the fact that a continuous 200 IM is a bit tougher than 2 x 100 IM back-to-back. And I improved both when I repeated the set on #4.
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