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Friday's practice of portions of the three 'recovery' sets provided some insight and a surprise or two.
The pool was packed so had to settle for circle swimming initially (1x400,2x200) but was determined to do at least a trial.
Not concerned initially with a spl I began the backstroke sets just swimming at a completely comfortable rhythm. My count was in the 15-16spl range and quite comfy. I was able to descend @ the same stroke range. a much easier effort if a tad slower, for the moment.
On the 2x100 I had my first surprise on two lengths of the second 100 taking two less strokes @ the same time (1:50). I have not done backstroke repeats of longer than 50yds so this was also new ground and the 200 would definitely be but it wasn't to be as a slight collision had me breaking the 200 into 2x100. Because I lost the time on the first half I decided not to mark it on the second half. More important to create and mark my ease at this distance.
I next decided to do 4x50 fly using the same focus and managed to stay in the 8-9spl range on all and descend time on two.
The 4x100 IM set provided me with another 'surprise' when I managed to maintain stroke range while descending on two to 1:36; in recovery mode! Prior, my effort, which was 'greater', had my marked avg. @ 1:45 and above!
My concentration on "recovery" helped me focus on ease which in turn helped me focus on balance which helped the streamlining which brought a marked improvement in 'speed'.
A 'rough' start that ended cool.
I have a whole new approach to recovery.
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