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Hello Terry, I have had improvement on my TI swimming along the years that I have been practicing it through your books and DVDS , The issue that I have is that TI is misinterpreted by some of the experts that are preaching it. I missed a clear message about TI. There are many "caciques", much ego.TI is a simplified and scientific approach to swimming, but somehow it is missed in the process of teaching it. Sometimes I get a glimpse, a eureka insight from a past TI instructor who developed his/her own business. Some of her own videos have a simpler approach without any baggage. For instance Terry, in the 2 days TI workshop I had attended, the instructor may have miscoated you about your recovery, saying that your pushing the water back past the hips may be a bad habit from your early swimming years. I came to realize that you do this in ALL YOUR SWIMMING, furthermore, the videos I have been watching explains that pushing the hand past the hips makes the front gliding hand to elongate, thus, helping the slippering of the body through the hole". I came to develop a questioning approach to TI "experts". I feel that there is always some incomplete information. There is always something left out on purpose. For instance, in the workshop that I had attended, the instructor wanted to create a whole new "advanced" workshop to introduce the two beat kicks . I believe this should have been included in this 2 days workshop...Can we get any simpler streamlining and have a unified msg from TI?
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