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Its has been tested a bit in Holland too
Google translate:

Marcel Wouda "The Freestyle Breather will hopefully be a good tool for triathletes because they are normally very stiff and tense in the water Every substance that helps them to relax and be able to maintain a better position during the freestyle. will bring benefits to them. "

During the Swim Cup in Eindhoven Freestyle Breather was exclusively introduced to coaches and trainers through workshops and they got the opportunity to test the training tool. The reactions were very positive, the Freestyle Breather was indeed perceived as an additional training tool for their group of novice swimmers. Associations will in the second half of this year also get the opportunity to test the Freestyle Breather during a free clinic by an expert Arena. Also, the association may purchase an introductory package. More information about the clinics, how you can register for this club and the Freestyle Breather introduction package will follow shortly.

mixed reviews.
Some get water flowing between device an cheek. The hard plastic doesnt seal too well offcourse and doesnt feel very nice I can imagine.
A positive review

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