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Default How fast should our 1500 (or other) Pace improve?

This is another topic raised by andyinnorway in the thread "A 'Formula' for a Faster 1500" that deserves its own thread. Improvement of course is central to the Kaizen philosophy that inspires much of the TI Method. And measured improvement is critical to the pursuit of Excellence, Mastery, Flow States, etc.

Andy writes: Even though everything is moving in the right direction, I don't think someone of my age (38) and motivation (10,000m a week over 4 sessions) and relatively novice level (28-29 minute mile), should take a year to take 90 seconds off a mile time, but it seems to be taking that long. Is this normal?

I propose the following for discussion:
Question 1: What factors would you consider in deciding what is an appropriate personal improvement goal for 1500 or a similar 'standard' distance?

Question 2: What practice-planning process would you follow to ensure you optimize and maintain your own rate of progress?
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