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Hi Nick,

Inge lays out the points of the skate to breath and sweet spot very well. These are primarily intended to maintain posture and head-spine alignment and allow air to find you and not go looking for air. It develops patience to wait for air to find you too.

In the video you will also practice the nod, whale-eye (one goggle in, one out - no breath), and pop-eye (one goggle in, one out, breathe) sequence. These too are intended to maintain alignment, as well as the timing in freestyle, and getting the easy breath (at pop-eye). You will discover both whale-eye and pop-eye are exactly the same timing and positions.

Although the 'easy breath' is not easy to learn, it's mostly about removing terrestrial impulses breaking posture/alignment, bending neck/lifting head to see the promise land of air. Seeing air doesn't mean air will get into the lungs. Allow air to find you.

Here's an old blog that may help too:

Be patient with the process, air will find you.

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