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Default Breathing Confusion

Hi all!

I've been following the effortless freestyle course and am having some trouble. I'm on the Breathe Easy sequence of videos. In the initial video, Terry describes how the goal is to roll to air in aligignment without rotating head independent of body. I totally get that and it makes complete sense. Here are my issues:

1. In the following "Simple Roll to Air" video, you are maintaining alignment and almost turning supine in the water. I'm assuming that this drill is designed to imprint the skill of alignment. Why does he have you turning so far over to supine if you won't be doing that in whole stroke?

2. The next video "Breathe in Skate" he is maintaining skate alignment but turning his head only to breathe. This contradicts the theory of rolling to air in alignment. I'm confused.

I understand that these drills are building blocks that lead to a complete stroke but they seem contradictory. Thanks for your time in reading this, any advice is greatly appreciated!
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