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Default Results from today

Right, first things first. I tried to note how I felt after the two breaths I can do.

I realised when I do stand up, I am really ready for immediate inhale, so I assume this means I have exhaled fully? Perhaps I'm going too far on 1 breathe?

Today amongst other things I tried doing 1 breathe followed by 1 interrupted breath etc to end of length, and felt good, as able to at least reach other end of pool.

Bye the way I'm really impressed by novaswimmer who can swim continuously for nearly an hour. Something I can only dream of at present.

I'd be quite happy to get to the other end using continuous breathing in a relaxed manner. Don't mind having nice rest in between laps, as I'm sure like riding a bike, once you have the technique, distance will follow.

Thanks again for all your comments

Kind Regards

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