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Default Hmm, Sounds like a core strength issue

Originally Posted by freddastare View Post
I hope someone can help me out. I've been doing TI for about 20 years and swimming is absolutely esssential to my well-being. I developed sciatica a few years ago and lately it's really been acting up. Swimming--especially the crawl and backstroke--causes shooting pain. The biggest problem seems to be rotation. If I don't rotate, I can control the pain to a certain extent. But that certainly cramps my well-learned style.

The pain goes away after I stretch and I'm almost tempted to just swim with the pain--that's how much swimming means to me. I'd rather be in pain than stop swimming.

Has Anyone else ever had or heard of this problem?

I'd greatly appreciate any help.
If the problem goes away after you swim and then do a good stretch i would guess that you are not getting enough core support. Is there a specific stretch that you can isolate that immediately reduces the pain ? If so i would be tempted to go to a Yoga or Pilates instructor, explain the issue and see if there are specific exercises you can do for that muscle group.

Obviously once you can identify the muscle group involved post back here as it may trigger one of the gurus to immediately point out a weakness in your technique that can also be addressed.

I am guessing one of the gurus would ask for some video also at some point so this might be a good thing to get also

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