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Hello flowsnapper,

think at least you need an answer of encouragement to go on with your mindfull work. If you read as much as stated you'll know, breathing in FS is a fairly difficult skill for most starters/beginners and a (necessary) stroke/streamline disturbing thing for nearly all of us... Only a few of us can do it at once, some will need hours, weeks, months, even years to turn breathing to skill.

I can breaststroke correctly with no breathing issues.
BR is another Story. You'll have read even triathletes and marathon runners might run into breathing problems after some meters.

HOWEVER, when I try to incorporate breath, breath 1 and 2 feel fine, then by third breathe I am forced to stand to take good deep breath and restart.
Did you go through the TI-steps? 1) No breathe... taking just a sight of one poolwall with relaxed stroke. 2) No breathe... One eye above surface, while looking to poolwall. Relaxed while head turned. 3) No breathe... cleared mouth as Popeye, surface just lower edge of mouth, only one eye above surface. Relaxed head in whole movement. 4) Same as (4), but taking a short sip of air with relaxed head/neck for two (four) strokes.

Go to your felt relaxed two strokes and whatch where and how tension slips in while stroking the third time. Work as long as necessary in these three (six) strokes to avoid any tension, then take a fourth, fifth studying what happens with the tension..

but I just can't work out why I can't complete 1 length (I know it's pitiful isn't it)
Train you patience as secondary benefit. Adding a stroke more will lead you to more than a lap...

Maybe I am not exhaling enough - how do I know if I'm not, and how exactly do I make sure I'm doing this correctly -
Stand up after your second breathe. If you can exhale at once before inhaling you didn't exhale enough... A tiny rest of air you can press is normal.

At least you have an interesting research object with your breathing. So don't Forget to feel courious about everything you'll find out.

Relax, go on and have fun!

Best regards,
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