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Originally Posted by terry View Post
1) You improve by practicing the Art of Imperfection - or the Art of Making Mistakes. You need to make mistakes to improve. Mistakes get your atttention. They also reveal the "edge" where the task slightly exceeds your level of skill. You should be constantly seeking - and moving - that edge.
2) Learn from your mistakes; don't repeat them.
Clear and brilliant way to put it! I think: this is valid for any learning that we do in life. It is valid for life itself, which in my opinion is mainly one thing: Learning.
I believe: we should always encourage our kids to follow that, not only in swimming... . It would be unfair to prevent them from committing mistakes. Yes, it's risky: they will bang their noses ... as we did ... but this is the nature of life. If we stop learning, if we stop improving - in swimming, we get stuck. In life - we get terribly stuck.

Originally Posted by terry View Post
3) The key to improvement, to enjoyment, to self knowledge is to focus on training the brain and nervous system, rather than the heart and aerobic system. The brain is smart; it's the master of all thought and action. The aerobic system is dumb - the slave of the brain.
A thought passes through my mind. I am aware that it is 'just' a thought. I greet it: hello thought, you again! You brought my in trouble last time. I lost my awareness and my happy state of mind. It took me days to recover from you. I had to wait for that beautiful morning, with the sunrise reflecting in the pool, and me doing this wonderful lap, which was almost beyond being relaxed and not relaxed - that's where I got rid of you, finally. I am not going to follow you again! I don't suppress you, I don't indulge in you. I simply do not follow you.
The thought dissolves...

Who and where is the 'I' that is aware of the thought, that can be aware of me swimming, that can be aware of me being aware or not ?
Who creates the thought ?
Who brought it under control ?
Is there an intention, a motivation before any action?
Who has the intention to do something, who is setting a goal for swimming, for life? Where is the intention coming from ?

Is there a mind ?
Does the mind have control over the brain, does the brain have control over the mind ?

Originally Posted by terry View Post
Focus on the place where control and awareness reside, which is also the place where efficiency is developed.
WHERE does control and awareness reside? This is hitting the real BIG question...

Sorry Terry, for a little bit detonating your thread. But you said it: "The brain is smart; it's the master of all thought and action."
Now you are in trouble... sort of asking for it ...
Of course we could leave it limited to swimming alone, processes in the body, and so forth. But do we want that ?
I do think, indeed, that any action we do, could lead us into a greater perspective of our life, our being, our existence, the 'purpose of life'.
For some it is a tragic event, for some it is - swimming. That's why I inserted these slightly silly connections to swimming. But it is completely valid.
In any way, I think, the really good thing is when we do have something that reminds us of this 'there is something more in life...', whatever it is. Why not becoming wise through swimming ? It is as valid as archery.
And it always begins with awareness, without awareness nothing will ever be achieved.

Unfortunately it is unknown land for most of us. That's why we tend to get a little fuzzy when we talk about it.

And it is really a pity that English/American is not my native language, I wish I could express myself a little more elegantly, like eddiewouldgo did here, and Terry, and elk-tamer... but I enjoy your writings.

Originally Posted by terry View Post
I'll let this thread marinate a bit...
I recommend balsamiko vineger
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