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OK, so what else have I noticed?

1. At times, there are bubbles caused by my left arm pressing motion. I am not sure if this is a case of simply letting too much slip into the arm motion (i.e. pulling through the rotation), or if it is related to something going on with my right-side breathing. I'm not entirely certain, but it seems to happen most often on breathing strokes where I have just finished breathing to the right.

(Funny, the right side used to be my "comfortable" breathing side--now the left feels lower and smoother).

At other times there are no bubbles at all. There are almost never any bubbles during my right-arm pressing motion, so clearly I am doing something different here, some asymmetry that can be addressed.

2. Salt water helps with balance and buoyancy. A lot.

3. A higher SR seems to generate smoother, more continuous power in the stroke, connecting hips/kick/rotation/spear really effectively. And I am getting this higher SR by focusing on making the recovery happen in a quick circling motion with no pause, even at hand entry.

4. I am swimming much straighter than I used to. (I think). When I take a sight I am always dead on a straight line between markers. I'm sure I wander a bit in between sights, but nothing like I used to. That suggests I have maybe fixed some fundamental issues in my stroke that were causing me to wander. I think this is related to my "discovery" of the proper kick/rotation timing.

OK, enough for now. I did go out for a swim before breakfast (about 2000m along the reef) and will probably swim again this afternoon--having lots of fun out here. The reef is amazing, and I'm really grateful to TI that I am comfortable enough to swim a mile or two or four, all by myself, in perfect comfort and control. I really don't feel there are any limits to how far I can go, though I may not be particularly fast.
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