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Hi efdoucette,

I'll add another thing. I must disclose that I've lost touch with the newer TI terminology, and I don't know what an interrupted breath is. It's not the same as sweet spot breathing is it? Anyway, I'll just describe a drill that helped me:-

Go into head lead balance, arms moulded to front of thighs. You'll need a light flutter kick. Now rotate from side to side. That's hard enough. And then try to take a breath as well. I always breathe every side on this drill. It's a very revealing drill, you have no support from the arms, and no momentum to make a bow wave. Don't swallow too much water!

Do you gym? Since incorporating some pretty hardcore core strength work to my routine, it's really, really helped my body position in the water. Lots of plank variations - look on YouTube for "hardest core exercises"...

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