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I think I like a touch more shoulder driven action in a freestyle stroke compared to the TI arm timing.
The slightly weird recovery of this swimmer is relaxed and elbow lead, but has a stronger connection with the underwater arm as is the case with a more catchup timing.
The fall of the arm is almost linked with the begin of the pull of the underarm.
This is a sort of shoulder connection that is broken in the catchup timing.
Its halfway between the windmill connection and the catchup timing.
Personally I like this timing more than the catchup timing, also because its easier to translate from this timing to a higher strokerate without dead spots.
TI has a lot of good points, but the main flaw that is ingrained in some manner in my view is the hurried catch after a long arm extension.
Thats ok at low strokerates, but often leads to a certain underwater arm mechanics when the effort level goes up.
I have been nagging about this point a thousend times. Call me a pulling idiot, but I find it such a waiste to not use a good underwater arm action when balance, alignment, breathing etc is all in place.

This is what I see all the time, especially in TI swimmers:
Watch at 1 min 40:

Watch Dan Bullocks underwater arm mechanics. Looks familiar?
It looks ugly and inefficient to my eyes. If I compare that action to the smooth connection of the asian swimmer, my personal choice is easy.
I only wish more TI swimmers will show more of that underwater smoothness and more continuous connection shown by the asian swimmer in their underwater view.
Should be possible to combine that with a more catchup arm timing also I hope.
Well, Shinji and some others show it is possible.

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