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Originally Posted by tritri View Post
Damn, you just reminded me that this is something I have postponed forever... I think the reason is simply that it's so frustrating to feel like a beginner again, although my times and stroke count are in the same ballpark whether I breathe left or right.

I'm currently training for my first half Ironman, and should definitely learn to breathe on my other side.

Any advice on how to make it easier? Should I simply force myself to breathe on the left every other lap?
After two sessions my advice would be that its easier than it seems, or put another way the learning curve is rapid. I used to feel so awkward on the left that I'd force myself to do 3 or 4 lengths in the hope of improving.

Sacrificing all other swim intentions for 2 weeks seems a small price to pay. You also get the same high when you start to relax with it as you did the first time on the other side too, so it's a bit cool in that respect.

Terry's a great man, but I didn't need to meet him to know that ;-

I'll do the same with tumble turns after the breathing fortnight.
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