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Originally Posted by ZBWeier View Post
Are there any TI coaches or members that would be so kind as to critique this brief video of my stroke in a 50m pool? . What would you say are my strengths/weaknesses?

Thanks so much,
First off welcome to the TI forum and to Ti in general. The following things are jumped out at me.

1) Your recovery arm is crossing the center line causing your body to fishtail. Try to keep your reentry just outside your shoulders.

2) From the angle it doesn't appear that your head is in a neutral position. Let your head hang and it will go to its neutral spot. Superman drill can help with this.

3) Your kick is knee driven not hip driven. A kick hardly aids propulsion. Its primary goal is for balance. Try a gentle flutter kick and don't "wind up" when you do. after you do more of the drills (in particular under-switch and zipper-switch drill) you can move on to the standard TI two-beat kick.

4) Your hand is leading your above water recovery. Try leading with your elbow. This will keep you on a more proper rotation and set you up to switch to your opposite skate and thus propel you forward. also, your arm seems a bit stiff above the water. Loosen your fingers a bit and relax your forearm. Let it hang like a rag doll.

5) Your not allowing yourself to utilize your glide. One of the reasons this is happening is that you might feel out of balance. One reason that you might feel this is that you are swimming a bit flat. Skating drill can help your muscles remember to rotate on long axis strokes (i.e. free and back).

6) Finally, your breathing to both sides but your head is coming out of the water to get that air. This suggests to me that you are not rolling with your body to breathe. The "nodding" drill is a good one to learn how to breathe properly.

Okay, this is a lot I know. But let me say you seem comfortable in the water and that is a big plus. a little adjustment here and a little there and you will be looking like Shinji Jr.. Thank you for showing us your video and I will be excited to see the next one when you are ready.

Keep Swimming!
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