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Default Oh and the video was my first 50m pool swim ever

That might have had something to do with impacting my focus and contributing to the rushing of my strokes. If I reallly focus I can get down to 18 strokes per length on a 25 meter pool but normally it's like 21, which is pretty high.

I think paying attention to where and when my recovering arm enters the water on BOTH sides is what is helping me most.

I also keeping hearing about the importance of "swimming down hill". I understand the metaphor, but how would one incorporate the helpful tips all of you gave me into that concept? Would entering my recovering arm earlier generate more of my rotational momentum into the water thus keeping me swimming on my side longer (which I suppose could feel like one is "going downhill")?

This is kind of a philosophical question, I know, but I'd really appreciate the feedback.

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