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I was just about to post another reply...

Sorry, glenng910, I didn't mean to be rude, just your description was a bit rough, i guess that got me.

I took a quick look at the website - it doesn't look so bad. Although you will of course not see the cases of kids who got terrified and never go into water again.

To make water fun, to distract the kid into it - any mother can do it herself, isn't it?
I think the main point is the determination of the person teaching the child. That in the end might be the reason why it is given to 'professionals'. Kids function very much on transference ( I hope that is the right word). The kid will pick up anything that goes on in your head. Mirror neurons. If the teaching person has a firm and stable conviction that there is nothing to fear and the kid will love it it will work. Any thought of 'oh, will she panic, I hope it works, I am not sure' etc will make it very difficult or impossible.
Anyway. The problem with small children that fall into water is not that they cannot swim but that they completely lose their orientation once they have their head under water. It doesn't take deep water, they can drown in water where they in fact could easily stand. Maybe that this gets easily overlooked.
So to accustom them to water helps immensely, of course.

But if you don't have a pond or pool in your garden... sadly enough, but chances that a kid gets run over by a car, a truck, a bicycle or have an accident at home etc are a lot higher.

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