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While I started last in my "wave", I did NOT finish last by overall time, wave, age group, or gender. I'm OK with that!

My best butterfly mile in the pool is about 37 minutes, and average is 45 minutes. I finished the race at chip time 42:46, which is a faster time than my pool average, so that is wonderful! Next year I hope to be selected for the full 4.4 mile swim across the Bay which I will try to complete in freestyle for speed (and to deal with the currents between the bridges), but finish in butterfly for style points.

Not bad for a 50-year old who used a cane before I started learning Tai Chi, ballroom dance and swimming (and I couldn't pass the basic swim test for Scouting 5 years ago)! Thanks to my swim coach Terry Laughlin, dance coach Chip Atwood, Tai Chi coach Vince Tabor, and my Love of My Life Coach Margaret!

And I note my head was not held neutral. I have to work on that... (story in an Annapolis newspaper by another entrant in the 1-mile. I'm in the pictures.) (I'm all the way to the right at the beginning where they show the 1-mile challenge. I'm the last one to start, doing my sloppy butterfly stroke.)

Place 351 Out Of 366
Bib# 1300
First Name BRIAN
Gender M
Age 50
State MD
Guntime 42:46
ChipTime 42:46
Ageplc 23
Agefin 24
Div M50-54
Winning Time for Your Division 21:51
Genplc 166
Genfin 172

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