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Originally Posted by borate View Post
Also test how it feels to spear not quite so deep
Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
On your third 25, that pesky scissors kick is evident.
I had a breakthrough a couple weeks ago (spearing less deep was part of it) and my scissors kick went away (so I thought), but I haven't been able to recapture that feeling since. If I focus on letting my legs just draft behind me, my kick is minimal, but then I feel like my head is totally submerged.
Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
on your entry, your palm is turned slightly to the outside. In the underwater view, this outside facing palm continues on your pull through...sending water ot the outside of your body line, rather than behind you. Most of it is sent behind you, but if you correct this slight angle, I think you'll find a pleasant addition of propulsion to your stroke.
That is exactly the kind of thing I hoped that others might point out to me. My stroke doesn't look as much like Terry's as I would like, and I'm trying to pinpoint what specific things I can change to improve it. I have used a "hand parallel to the wall behind me" focal point before... I need to revisit that one.

Thanks for the tips, everybody, keep 'em coming!
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