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What type of freestyle kick do you do?

If you are not use to doing a 2-beat kick, perhaps the breaststroke rhythm helped you to coordinate your spear with your kick (which are very similiar).

While doing breaststroke, when your kick happens, your arms are close to the freestyle underswitch postion. Your breaststroke kick should drive your arms to streamline. If your breast kick and arms are in sync, this is the same basic movement that you want to do in freestyle.

In freestyle, when your right arm is recovering, your left leg is deeper in the water. In a 2-beat kick, you will kick the deeper leg as part of rotating your hips, and spear your recovery arm as part of your rotating your shoulders. If these two movements are in sync, as in breaststroke, then you have engaged hip drive and will you kick yourself into streamline.
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