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Default TT and SPL

Hi Terry and fellow TI coaches....
Here are my numbers for what I was playing around with..
I am 182cm 43yrs old and in a 50m green band is from approx 35spl - 45spl
I started of with the tune up :6x 100 ( I chose the higher spl to log on each 50m)
Tune up: TT 1.30,1.28,1.26,1.24 all 34 SPL , 1.22, 1.20 = 35 spl
Main sets: 16 x 100 all with 2BK also choosing the higher spl to log.
TT 1.16,1.14,1.12, = 35 spl 1.10,1.08,1.05 = 37 spl, 1.02,1.0 = 37spl
as I started to see the count go up with the TT on 1.02 and 1.0 I then had to really concentrate on a quicker arm recovery still keeping the 2BK, it helped::
TT 0.98,0.96,0.94 = 36 0.92 = 37spl. Now getting tired so focused on being long and had to move my mailbox entry further forward to get the also worked : 0.92,0.94,0.96,1.0 = 36.
I played around with some 6BK at TT .94,.92 but it added on a stroke each time.The rest time between each 100 was on average 45sec, with the faster TT it was maybe a minute to catch breath.)
Hope the data can help with any future SPL graphs that will be re-adjusted.
Cheers , Jeremy. (

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