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Originally Posted by CoachRogerCoxon View Post

from forum i see than garmin its best swim watches at moment
but can somene know witch garmin its better ,swim watch or foreruner 910xt.
second :can somene know witch watch its good for snorkeling and freedive for measuring water depth precisly
regarding the Garmin watches, i have tested both and find the Garmin Swim has functions that are more related to pool swimming, like interval functions, etc. I also think it is a tad more accurate than the 910XT. both have problems identifying my butterfly - they think it's breaststroke!

i also like the slimmer profile of the Garmin Swim. the 910XT is bulky for just every day swimming.

however, i am amazed at the 910XTs GPS tracking for OW swimming. it manages to be pretty decent at tracking your path while swimming out in the ocean/lake!

neither watch is a dive watch however. you'll have to look elsewhere for that.
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