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Default Naj has a sex change operation...hey wait a minute!!!

Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Some things come more easily to some people than to others. Look at Naj in the Open Water thread. She started swimming a year ago and now is loving the cold open waters and looking at great distances.

Thanks for the compliment Mike but I'm actually a guy :) But your right, breathing takes time, Danny. Remember water is 800 times more dense than air and like Shuumai said there is a rhythm to breathing in water that we take for granted on land. One thing that may help you is to expel all the Co2 out of your lungs prior to taking the next breath. It might seem strange to do so, but it will help with not getting out of breath for the second one. IT takes a bit of getting use to but your getting good advice from folks on this thread. And like my buddy Mike said, I learned to swim when I was 43 and like you I am now 45. The cool thing about open water swimming is that many who have accomplished great things in open water learned as adults!

Keep Swimming!
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