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Originally Posted by inca View Post
I've decided to try to learn the breast stroke, which I've never even attempted before. Right from the get-go, I am having a problem. I don't seem to understand how to do the "rotation" in this stroke. According to my understanding of the video, the "rod" (in freestyle that would be from top of head down the length of my body) I rotate on, should be through the center horizontally. But I can't seem to do this at all. Is there a different way of describing this 'undulation' so that maybe I could figure it out?
Have you had any luck with this? I agree that superman glide is the place to start. A lot of people at the pool will pull back with their hands instead of getting a good glide with their arms outstretched and body streamlined. You want those arms out in front as much as possible. You shouldn't even have to use your arms, though of course you do. The forward movement comes from your kick and your body undulating. The kick is much more important than in freestyle. I used a kickboard (heresy!) to learn the kick without having to worry about breathing or anything else. Once you can propel yourself across the pool with a good frog-kick, you are almost there. My main problem at first was sinking too far underwater but pushing off from the wall in superman glide helped a lot, let me feel my body rising to the surface and knowing how to make that happen while swimming. Good luck.
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