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Originally Posted by Ghul View Post
I agree with Stuart provided the reduction in stroke count comes through improvement in efficiency. Particularly over short distances it is possible to swim with a low stroke count/low tempo combination that involves putting a lot of effort into each stroke (not necessarily consciously) and this may not be sustainable or at least that's my experience.
Right Ghul - efficiency meaning maintaining shape of the vessel - streamline. More movement introduces more drag, there's a fine line between resistant forces and propulsive forces.

Originally Posted by ti97 View Post
Tom, Look at this link posted by descending on the other about 0:38

is this 'swinger' style what you are talking about?

Stuart, curious what do you think about that?
Hi Ti97,

Love Coach Anna Lundin - she gave me tips on where get my water proof headsets (where a coach can talk to and correct swimmers while they're swimming). And she has a beautiful stroke.

Branding strokes is great marketing, but offers only limited/simplistic choices. The "swinger" implies swinging recovery wide verses "smooth" does not. The main difference is whether the high and low side arms are more coupled together (i.e. windmilling) vs uncoupled holding low side arm in front longer, or more "front quadrant" timing. But on Anna's "smooth" there's a deceleration of recovery at entry (tight hands) which can shorten stroke length - common problem.

But lets do the math on both. I've had to approximate the longer stroke swim since they didn't film the entire like as they did with the "swinger". Using the ladders looked to be roughly 25m, 5m glide off the wall, stroking ~20m.

sl = 1.25m (16 strokes)
spm = 60 (1.0 secs per stroke)
speed = 1.25m x 60spm = 75m per minute
100m pace = 100/75 = 1.333 mins = 1:20.0

sl = 0.95m (21 strokes)
spm = 85 (.70 secs per stroke)
speed = 0.95m x 85spm = 80.8m per minute
100m pace 100/80.8 = 1.237 mins or 1:14.3

Coach Ana seemed to feel best or in her zone at 85spm, but she's also a former Olympic swimmer. However, I would give Anna more choices, not in swim stereotypes or brands, but rather different stroke rates and stroke lengths. I think another choice could be 70spm @ 1.18sl (17 strokes), and should be sustainable for long distances 1500m and above - given that's a goal.

"Coach Anna"
sl = 1.18 (17 strokes)
spm = 70 (.85 secs per stroke)
speed = 82.6m per minute
100m pace = 100/82.6 = 1.21 mins or 1:12.6

I'm not sure what Anna's swim goals are these days since she's mostly coaching, and I believe coaching mostly triathletes. She's an excellent coach and can certainly offer her swimmers plenty of choices to meet their goals.

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