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Originally Posted by ti97 View Post
maybe I can put another way: the answer depends on how effectively you 'hook to' (or engage) the water....

increasing the 'slippage' requires less energy output per stroke allowing you to maintain a higher turnover without hitting your work limit....try the 'fist drill' to demonstrate this
That's an interesting way to think of it--I'll mull that over. It's not immediately clear to me that increasing slippage as you describe it is the only (or even the best) way to increase turnover, though. My recent experiments have shown me that speeding up the recovery motion will increase turnover without increasing slippage.

But of course a high turnover is not a good thing by itself (neither is a low SPL)--the fun and complexity comes in when you start to juggle the variables of stroke rate, stroke length, and perceived exertion to see how different combinations affect speed.
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