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Originally Posted by drtse View Post
I was playing around with stroke rate at the pool yesterday and found that 54 strokes per minute seemed to be my upper threshold before my heart starts to climb excessively.

What sort of stroke rate do the rest of you enjoy?
To some degree this depends on your stroke distance (or inversely, number of strokes per pool length), for those who have or try to have a definable range of SPL under varying conditions.

For instance, I have been working hard to get my strokes per (25 m) length to 24 over repeated 100m. I can now actually get 24 SPL over 100 m if I'm fresh with a TT of 1.30 sec, which is about 46 strokes per minute. But as the 100m repeats (which I do with steadily descending TT settings) continue, I slip to 25 SPL. Assuming 25 SPL I can get down to about TT =1.20sec (50 strokes/minute) and still barely repeat on 3 minute sendoffs. But below this I start to lose it and absolutely cannot hang on to 25 SPL.

So, if I were to continue dropping my TT to 1.15 (52strokes/min), 1.10 (54 strokes/minute) seconds, I absolutely would blow up at my present competence if I tried to get 25 SPL. But I could quite casually swim at 54 strokes/minute if I just let the stroke length adjust itself to whatever was comfortable and easy.
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