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Default On verge of giving up

Just thought id maybe ask for a bit of advice.

Heres my quick story,

50 year old non swimmer who decided to give learning one last try.

Tried to learn in my school years but never grasped it, tried again in my 30s and got a bit more confidence to the point where i could do some very basic breastroke 'head above water', but never in water i couldnt stand up in.

Stopped swimming for a good number of years and then lost the confidence to even do the basic breastroke.

Decided to give learning one last try as i was fed up missing out on the pool on family vacations etc.

Much more confident in the water and again can somewhat do the basic breastroke 'head above water', again in shallwo water, but after about 10 hours of lessons i feel im no closer to learning proper breastroke or freestyle as i just cant seem to get my head out of the water between strokes to get a breath of air or if i do i still seem to take in water and that just causes me to have to stop after 2-3 strokes.

I dont feel like its a fear of water as i can keep my head under for a number of strokes, although i suppose i dont feel too relaxed either, quite tense during lessons.

Really fed up and thinking i should just stick with what i have which is the basic breastroke, better than nothing i suppose.

My instructor has told me to stick with it and it will come but i just really cant see it at this point.

Just wondered if anyone had any advice that could lift my spirits a bit?

Many thanks
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