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Default A Recovery-Oriented Practice

Thurs 13 April -- 2300y at SUNY

After exerting myself a bit last night, I knew I needed to do something fairly restorative this morning. I'm not in a place where I can swim at a 4-of-5 effort on consecutive days.

I did one longish easily-paced set of Gears practice, followed by a short set of 25s on brisk tempo.

Set #1
3 rounds of (200 + 2 x 100 + 4 x 50) I rested about 20 seconds between all repeats.
Round 1 @ 14 SPL 200-3:09
Round 2 @ 15 SPL 200-2:59
Round 3 @ 16 SPL 200-2:53 100s 1:23 50s :41
My goal was to swim faster 'without trying' as I shortened repeats in each round, and as I increased SPL from one round to next.
I did accomplish this, though perhaps not feeling quite the ease I hoped for at 16 SPL. I did feel silky ease at 14 and 15 SPL.

Set #2
10 x 25 Increasing tempo from 1.09 to 0.99. I held 15 SPL the whole way.
I was happy that .99 tempo felt unhurried.
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