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Originally Posted by terry View Post
Heavens no. That's far out of reach. 1:22 per 100y
Well, that's still plenty inspiring to me--that'd be around 1:28 to 1:29/100m, I think, which I can't hold much past 100m. Yet!

I suspect the ability to efficiently hold my faster speeds at longer distances as you're doing here is the real task awaiting me, an area where I have been reluctant to push myself. Fear, maybe? Laziness? The tendency to practice what I've had some success with and ignore weaknesses, most likely.

I'll muse on the idea of taking on an "engage my weaknesses" mindset as the over-riding principle to guide my training from here... That might be the low-hanging fruit for my improvement right now.

Again, thanks for all your contributions to swimming (and so much more so to mindset and attitude).
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