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Originally Posted by terry View Post
This motivation is the most elemental and powerful, and the one with the greatest potential to spark a sustained interest -- even passion as time goes on.

I think I can confidently assert that no personal-mastery quest will prove to be more appropriate, nor offer more opportunity for satisfaction, than swimming.

That's because:
1) As humans we're SO NOT WIRED by evolution to be good at swimming, that the opportunity to improve is virtually universal, nearly limitless and highly accessible. It is literally possible to have an experience in your first 5 minutes that suggests a world of unrealized potential -- mainly by doing Superman Glide.
2) While we may not be wired by evolution to swim well, humans are wired to be "problem-solving machines," and the TI approach is designed to guide you through a logically-sequenced problem-solving process.

There is virtually nothing in the physical arena that I can do as well or easily or feel as good doing as I felt 40 years ago at 18. But in swimming I feel exponentially more capable, skilled, tuned-in, and comprehending than I did at 18. This is a major source of personal satisfaction.

Swim on,
I may have to print that and keep it in my swim bag! That in itself is motivational to me!


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