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Originally Posted by dprevish View Post

That 50 free is not a time to disappointed about in my perspective! But I know what it is like to miss your goals. I have swim goals to and some days in the pool they seem pretty far off.
I have to say that the Libra thing I can relate to as I am too. As a 1500 to 5K runner, I have enjoyed the high of the open legs and high octane, but there is something incredible about a 3 hour run too.:]
You live in a sweet spot of the world up there, bet though open water w/out a wet suit is only possible in the late summer...if that?
Hi Dave
That is right on Dave about the open water swims up here. I had swum in the ocean sans suit but amongst the Gulf Islands. I would wait till it was in afternoon and a receding high tide. Cold but doable. When we moved to the strait of Juan deFuca I envisioned swimming in the same manner. One July day it had been really hot for here in the low 80's for several days and really muggy so it went down to the beach. Something in my head told me to take my wife's cooking thermometer. I went in up to my ankles and geez it was cold. The thermometer reading was 46. This after a warm spell and well into summer.
The lakes are better but most wear suits and there are some that have conditioned themselves as Naz has demonstrated and swim naked.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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