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There is an Irish proverb that translates as:

Luck is better than early rising

but as a famous golfer once said

The harder I practice the luckier I get.

Perhaps he should have said

The better I practice the luckier I get

because as we all know mere practice does not make perfect

We often see the quotation

Only perfect practice makes perfect

but that is silly because practice can never be perfect; we must always be seeking to attain perfection, which is why we practice.

Having attempted with varying degrees of success to acquire different skills over my life so far, I have found that for me it is a circular process:

Practice - perform - go back and practice - perform etc.

Some people prefer to acquire skills in one piece rather than in separate pieces but sometimes it does help to concentrate on one element of the compound skill in which case:

Practice element - perform whole skill - practice element - etc.

Sometimes practicing very basic elements can be very beneficial but I think they always have to be integrated into the whole skill.

Merely practicing scales on the piano will not make you into a pianist.
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