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Default this article makes sense to me

Most people say I am tiny at 5'1" and 98 pounds. I was a martial artist and got injured in March of 2009. Before the injury, I weighed 103 pounds then immediately dropped 5 pounds. I began swimming in August of 2009 and lost 4more pounds. Then, winter hit and I have put on 4 pounds. The temperature of the (outdoor) pool is cooler in the winter than in the summer. As the temperature of the pool decreases, the appetite increases. I wonder if my appetite will decrease as the pool gets warmer. I could guess I eat 2000 calories a day with a cooler pool, and about 1800 calories in a warmer pool. Before swimming, my body fat was 12%, I wonder where it is now. Very interesting article. I never put the two together. Thank you for posting.
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