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Originally Posted by terry View Post
One thing I should clarify. This was HARD. At the end of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th 250's I was breathing heavily and feeling quite fatigued. An important principles of TI Practice is that it's not a goal to avoid exertion at all costs. If you're aiming to swim faster, it's often necessary to do some heavy lifting. But that should occur in the course of executing an exacting task.
It was HARD to stay at 16SPL and keep my pace at :20 sec, but today's set will make it easier to do so next time I swim the 1000 in a race.

I'm glad you've 'revealed' this because indeed these skill seeking practices are difficult... but exhilarating and promising when accomplished; at any level.

I experienced a bit of this myself today doing rounds of 50-100-150-200 (on a minute per 50) @ tempos beginning with 1.16>1.10 then 1.08>1.04 (down every .02 sec.).
My task was to stay at or under 16spl as long as possible, as 'comfortably' as possible. I succeeded in averaging 15 spl on each repeat in each round until tempo 1.14, then hitting 16 spl on the last length of the 100, the last 50 of the 150 and the last 100 of the 200 (touching 17 spl on the last 25s) from tempo 1.12>1.10.
I then broke it down to 50s from 1.08>, as 50-2x50-3x50-4x50 and maintained the 16 spl average (much shorter rest between repeats).
I'm not confident yet to feel 17 spl will yield me significant gains, so will strive to work in my range here for the moment. When this feels 'natural' almost 'easy' I'll introduce 17 and perhaps 18 spl when looking to improve on an overall marked pace for a marked distance. That should suffice this 5'9" frame, no?

Incidentally, "staying present", I've found, is the only way I can manage this sort of practice and can almost sense being pulled in at times toward a deeper realm, if it were, of ability. If I could only reach out and take hold...
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