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Had a rough day at the pool. The first time I ever didn't enjoy my swim. I think everyone's observations were spot on and I tried to correct my lopsided stroke, but nothing felt right. The only times I felt like I was getting a good stroke length was when I was muscling through the water--it certainly wasn't effortless. I don't feel like I'm getting much glide, like I'm already coming to a stop before I stroke again.

Then I came home and read haschu's comments and I think my German friend is right in pointing out how low my head is in the water. I think that is the source of my problems, and when I get back in the pool I will do a lot of SG's, keeping a patch of air on the back of my head, and try spearing not so deep. I am hopeful that the next session will be much more rewarding. Once I'm riding higher in the water, then I can work on weightless arm, high elbows, and a straight pull.

I would strongly encourage anyone who hasn't done so to film yourself swimming if your pool allows it! Even if you don't post it for the world to see, it is really enlightening. (Though frustrating too.)

[quote=haschu33;17423BTW - what is that flying object at the end of the first video?[/QUOTE]ha! I dunno. I think it is just a bubble. I had the pool almost to myself.

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