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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
Am I supposed to roll my entire body from the hips to my head as I roll to breathe, or am I just suppose to roll only my head as my arm makes its rotation in the stroke? .
I don't hear any mention of you doing drills. TI is a system of learning, not necessarily of having a unique stroke. Doing the first set of drills will convince your body how to properly rotate. If you keep your body flat in the water you will strain your neck, your shoulder, and be swimming with arm-strength alone, not engaging the rest of your body.

The drills can seem boring like drills (I think it would be great if they weren't called drills, because that MEANS boring -- I don't use that word when I am thinking of them but it is hard to discuss them without using the drill word).

But really they are not boring, they can be an experience in achieving graceful movement.

Some people are able to rotate within their torso more than others -- younger people, and those with long torsos especially. But for many of us, the degrees of rotation available are limited -- but those abdominal and lumbar muscles are quite strong and high-endurance. Learning how to engage those is part of the purpose of drills. You can't learn this well by doing ONLY whole-stroke.

I am reading between the lines here, but I think you are doing whole-stroke and no drills.

I think your instincts are correct. Graciously acknowledge that others are trying to help, but politely tell them that you are working on a different path.
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